Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Infinite Vulcan

I officially feel out of the loop and really need to start listening to the radio more often. This was made so extremely clear to me today when I was shopping at Banana Republic. I heard a great song that I was really enjoying on the radio and so I pulled out my iphone and “shazamed” the song so I could listen to it again later. The song was called “Here’s Where The Story Ends” by The Sundays. I have never heard of the band before but that is not an atypical occurrence, so I downloaded the song. I decided to look up the artist and possibly load the CD onto my phone. Here comes the sad part… This really good song I thought was current came out in 1990! 1990! WTF! I was 8 when it came out and here I’m thinking it is current. In my defense it does sound like something one would hear currently Cities 97 or The Current here in Minnesota. I have gotten into a rut listening to my iPod and the music I already know and love. To all of my readers.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT ANY COOL NEW MUSIC THAT I MAY ENJOY!!!!!!!
here is the link to the video if you are interested in listening to the song:
Other than that sad occurrence I went shopping and bought some really cute clothes that I can’t wait to wear to work. I am often told that I am one of the more stylish guys on the staff which I take a bit of pride in! Also It snowed today and OMG everyone is driving like a dipshit,, ugh Minnesota.
So I only got to one episode today… I just was not feeling the work out but at least I got up and did 25 minutes right??
The Infinite Vulcan
The Enterprise is investigating a new planet that we find out is inhabited by intelligent plants! The plants called Phylosians seem very helpful until they help their leader capture Spock and attempt to kill the rest of the landing party with these really odd bird/plant creatures that fly and make a really annoying noise. The plant’s leader is a clone of a former earth man who lived in the 1990’s but escaped during the fictional “eugenics wars” of that time (the same war mentioned in the episode Space Seed). The mater’s intention is to clone Spock to use as a peace keeping force in a brutal and unloving galaxy. The only problem is that since he hasn’t been off Phylos for years he doesn’t know peace is already in place. WHOOPS. The clone of Spock and the mater stay on Phylos to help rebuild the Phylosian society and the Enterprise along with the regular Spock are off to the next planet.

What a bizarre episode! The only interesting fact is that it was written by Walter Koenig who is most famous for playing Chekov. For some reason it was decided that they would save money during the animated show and not Koenig to voice Chekov,, stupid I know.

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  1. Song sounds like the Cranberries doing a Gin Blossoms' cover. Definitely 90's.

    But check out Brett Dennen