Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Our Yesterdays

A wonderful day at work and a wonderful evening cleaning and getting ready to massively redo the house. I am planning on moving my bedroom into the smaller bedroom in my house and turning the large bedroom into a “den” or TV room where friends can come over and watch TV and hang out. It will also give me more space downstairs to have guests and entertain for dinner. I am very excited about the project. For the time being I will use the furniture at hand but will eventually be getting a better couch for the upstairs living space and new blinds for my new bedroom. Big News Here!
Treadmill- forgo to write down the details sorry
Weekly Weigh-in: 228 which means.. I am now down 28 pounds
All Our Yesterdays
The Enterprise is trying to determine where an entire planet of people has gone to before their sun goes Nova. Upon beam down Spock, McCoy and Kirk find a library and a cranky old man librarian who tries to get the men to where they need to go and is in quite a mad rush. We learn later that the library transported people to the planet’s past so that they would survive the impending nova that will destroy them all. Kirk accidentally ends up traveling to what is the equivalent of 18th century France, and McCoy and Spock travel to the planet’s first ice age some 5000 years earlier. Kirk makes his way back to the library and convinces the librarian to help him find his friends. McCoy and Spock meet Zarabeth who has been exiled to the Ice Age by some past evil president of the planet. Zarabeth attempts to trick the two but they of course out smart her and make it back to the porthole in time for Kirk to save them. The old man makes it to his destination and the Enterprise heads off right before the star goes nova and destroys the planet.
Cost cutting is pretty evident here. I believe I have seen all of the sets and technology gadgets from this episode but in different forms before. Also the only cast members to appear in the show are Kirk, Spock, and McCoy which obviously saves money. We do hear Scotty’s voice a few times but that is all. There was only one more episode made after this episode.

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