Friday, November 25, 2011

The Terratin Incident & The Time Trap

Thanksgiving Part Deux!!!!!! Today I volunteered to make the Green Bean Casserole,,, there is nothing more Minnesotan that a casserole or a hot dish. They are of course two separate things not that anyone not from the Midwest would understand that fact. I actually don’t like green bean casserole because it is semi-gross but I know several family members love it so it is all good.
Today’s workout: Treadmill 180 calories and 1.5 miles
Weekly  Weigh-In: 228 nothing gained nothing lost J
The Terratin Incident
The crew of the Enterprise is surveying a super nova when they intercept a distress call. Shortly after visiting the planet in distress they are scanned by a mysterious signal and shortly after begin shrinking. Throughout the episode the crew shrinks to about 1/6 of an inch tall and are transported to a TINY city on the planet. The inhabitants are in danger of being destroyed and the only way they could communicate is to shrink the Enterprise crew so they could communicate. The crew is restored and the entire city is transported aboard the Enterprise just in the nick of time.

The Time Trap
While investigating a mysterious “Bermuda triangle” in space the Enterprise is attacked by the Klingons and both the Enterprise and Klingon ship vanishes in the triangle. They reappear in a strange place where there are hundreds of ships from the past centuries, all of which have been trapped in the same fashion as the Enterprise. While there Kirk and crew encounter the now inhabitants of “Elysium” who are content to stay stranded and attempt to impose their laws on the two crews. The Klingons and the Enterprise crew agree to work together to escape the triangle and succeed but not without the Klingons first attempting to blow up the Enterprise. They don’t succeed of course and both crews are off in their own directions.

By The Way... Is it just me or does this random RED SHIRT look exactly like Barack Obama???????

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