Thursday, November 24, 2011

Once Upon A Planet & Mudd's Passion

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I will be completely honest that I have been fearing the holiday season because the thought of eating all of this food scared me because I don’t want to gain weight over the next few weeks of holiday joy. YIKES. The food was great as usual today at mom and dad’s house and I was fairly responsible about the amount I ate. Today was small because it was just mom, dad, my sister and my grandparents… apparently everyone else had something going on. I missed them but thankfully I get to see them all at Christmas. Tomorrow is the big day though because it is dad’s family which is about 25 people all having fun, drinking, and joking around. If I had to compare the Olson family to anything it would be an odd combination of the The Klumps from the Nutty Professor and the family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, of course we are not black or greek.
Today’s Workout
24 minutes Treadmill and 24 minutes Elliptical
339 calories and 4 miles

Once Upon A Planet
The Enterprise is taking some needed shore leave on the “shore leave planet” from the original series episode Shore Leave. Things start off ok until once again the fictional characters start trying to kill everyone and Uhura is kidnapped. We find out that keeper of the planet has died and now the super computer that runs the planet no longer wants to be the controller of the planet. The computer intends to kidnap the crew of the Enterprise and transfer itself onto the ship so it can find other super computers to hang out with.. or something. In the end everything is sorted out and the computer becomes happy to do its job again.

Mudd’s Passion
The Enterprise once again picks up the loveable pimp Harry Mudd. They find him trying to sell love potion to some surly miners on a distant federation planet. Mudd wants no part of being put back into jail and attempts to get off the ship by slipping some people the love potion, namely Spock and Nurse Chapel, and he hijacks a shuttle craft. Kirk, Spock, Chapel, McCoy and Mudd end up on a planet and are being attacked by gigantic space monsters and thankfully get beamed up before anything bad can happen. The crew is all back to normal and off to the next adventure and Mudd is off to jail.

Two very fun sequel episodes from the live action series brought into the animated world.

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