Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Way To Eden

A trip to St. Cloud was on tap for the weekend as part of the annual St. Cloud Reunion with a group of friends from college. Now that everyone has returned to the Midwest I am hoping that this little tradition will happen more frequently. Last night we went to dinner and then a SCSU hockey game. I have never sat in the front row at a hockey game and all I can say is that it is an experience I was not ready to partake in. WOW it is really scary when the players bash up against the glass right in front of you, I think I jumped and yelled about a dozen times before I got used to it. Then the party moved to the bars which is always an interesting experience in St. Cloud now that I am out of college. I feel older and older every time I go out in St. Cloud because the college kids look younger and younger and I don’t feel I’ve aged, but I guess I have. The group also went to BIOLOGY 701 the first official gay bar in St. Cloud. It is right downtown and in a building space that used to be a Quiznos sub shop. That may sound tragic but actually it was a very classy looking place with good drinks, interesting people and good music. The one thing that could have been better  was a little more square footage,,, It was tiny. I figure though if it stays busy they will be able to move or expand. So if you are in St. Cloud and want to have a “Gay Ole’ Time” stop by Biology 701.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill: 2.3miles and 330 calories
The Way To Eden
The Enterprise is in pursuit of a stolen Starfleet cruiser and captures the hijackers who are a bunch of 23rd century “Space Hippies”. The group is lead by a distinguished scientist who has traded that life to pursue his dream of finding a paradise planet known as Eden. The group of followers consist of several  young adults who came from privileged lives who have given up all they had to follow this man. The group is to be taken to a starbase and tried for the crimes of treason, theft and other counts of space travel violation. The followers are separated from the leader but continue to try to get the ship to Eden. The Hippies take over the ship and release their leader and get to Eden, which apparently really does exist. Once the travelers have beamed down the Enterprise crew retakes the ship. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Chekov beam down to find the planet to be a near paradise except for the fact that everything is highly acidic and poisonous. This fact rendered the planet uninhabitable. The leader of the group Dr. Severin refuses to return to the ship and purposefully eats a poisonous piece of fruit. In the end the followers are dropped off at a starbase and all is well on the Enterprise again.
The ship would more aptly be titled “Star Trek: An Intergalactic Hippie Musical”. This is the closes thing to a musical Star Trek has ever produced! Yes in other episodes Uhura and others would sing a song but this  episode features well over 6 different songs/musical numbers. Most of the music comes from the Hippies who are totally annoying! The show does make an interesting statement about how adults and mainstream America viewed the Hippie counter culture of the 1960’s. The show also accurately depicts that these Hippies all came from upper middle class highly privileged and educated backgrounds just like the real hippies of the 60’s.
5 original series episodes left and then on to the Animated Series.

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