Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Cage

Oh What A Night! I had so much fun hanging out with my coworkers who are really friends and great people. Drinks, Drinks, Drinks and Mexican food and Drinks were the order of last night and it did a number on the weight for today but that just means I need to be conservative today and tomorrow. Things are really going well with this diet and exercise plan. The support from friends and other readers has been very nice and has helped to keep me motivated. I have lost a total of 28lbs since July 7th. I would like to make goal until January first be to drop an additional 2 pounds and not gain anything over the holiday season.
Treadmill today but didn’t snap a picture of the stats in time before I unplugged the machine. Oh well.
The Cage
The Cage is the first pilot the network produced and it was quickly dismissed as being too “cerebral” and odd for network TV at the time. The Episode is centered on the adventures of the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. The Enterprise picks up a distress signal from a planet that has never been explored. They beam down and find out that the survivors were all a fake by the true inhabitants of the planet a group of highly intelligent and mentally powerful aliens. These aliens are able to produce wild illusions in the minds of other people. They capture Captain Pike and submit him to several experiments using their illusions. The aliens desire to produce a race of humans to be servants and slaves to do the work they have forgotten how to perform. Pike and crew outwit the aliens and they are set free to move on.
The only member of the crew that remained from the pilot to the regular series was Mr. Spock who was deemed the only interesting character. The show had a female first officer, which was wildly ahead of its time but the network did not agree and she was axed. Also axed were the women’s pants in favor of the miniskirts worn in the regular series. The good news was that the show was deemed interesting enough for a second pilot and the rest as they say is history.
So I guess I should have watched this episode first but my DVD set did not include it until the third season so I decided to follow the original air dates of the episodes instead. This works because this episode was produced in 1964/65 but it was never aired on TV until 1988.
Tomorrow I am going to take a day off from the workout and then I will return on Monday with the Animated Series. There are only 24 half hour episodes of that show so I will do two episodes per day. I hope to start Star Trek: The Next Generation by December first.

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