Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beyond The Farthest Star & Yesteryear

Monday has come and gone and it was a good day. Nothing really earth shattering has happened with the exception of the big change up at my house. I have finished moving my rooms and rearranging/repurposing the rooms. My office is now in the open area upstairs,, the office is my bedroom, the bedroom is now a lounge and the downstairs is more formal. It looks awesome but I can tell it will take some time to get used to the changes that have been made.

Treadmill: 1.88miles and 250 calories
Today is the first animated series post! I will be doing two episodes a day because they are only about 23 minutes each.
Beyond The Farthest Star
The Enterprise is exploring and charting the farthest reaches of the galaxy when they encounter a strange spaceship orbiting a dead star. Kirk and company beam aboard the ship and encounter a tricky alien entity that attempts to kill the four landing party members. Kirk and crew are beamed back before they are killed but the evil entity has followed them and is now trying to take over the Enterprise so that it may conquer the galaxy. Kirk and crew outwit the alien and leave it stranded alone on a dead planet. The crew is then off to the next adventure.

The crew is revisiting the time portal from “The City On The Edge Of Forever” when something goes wrong. Upon return to present day the crew of the Enterprise does not recognize Spock and have never met him apparently. It seems that while he was away on a mission he was unable to travel back in time to rescue his 7 year old self during Vulcan manhood test. Spock travels back in time to set the mistake right and succeeds in his mission. Spock returns and all is well again in the world.

The Animated Series is often considered not to be part of the true Star Trek canon or history but I say that if Roddenberry himself was involved it is real. The animated series present the opportunity for the show to go to the more alien places and engage the crew with different types of aliens and different planets. The show was not always a great amazing success but it is unique and interesting enough for any Star Trek fan to enjoy. Plus I remember watching reruns of this as a child on Nickelodeon so the nostalgia factor is enough for me!

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