Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cloud Minders

Have you ever had a day where you just feel that you can’t make it through until the end? That has been my Monday and well the good news is that I did make it through it but I’m exhausted as hell. And that is all the update I have for today. 
Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 210 calories and 1.5 miles
The Cloud Minders
The Enterprise is on route to pick up some rare and precious mineral in order to save another planet’s entire vegetation population from utter destruction (a somewhat familiar scenario). When Kirk and Spock beam down to get the mineral they are attacked by the Troglites, the people who live on the planet’s surface. The pair is rescued by the residents of Strata the planet’s floating cloud city. The planet is outwardly known for its serine population and harmonious lifestyle. We learn quite quickly that everything is not as it seems. The Troglites are essentially a slave class that are treated as inferior beings and are seen as a plight on the cloud city population. The Troglites have hidden the mineral and wish to start a revolution. Kirk and Spock manage to piss off the cloud city leaders and must take matters into their own hands to get the mineral. They decide to break directives and work with the Troglites and insight a minor revolution essentially. In the end the doors are open for a revolution or at least a major change in the planet’s social structure and the other planet’s vegetation is saved by the delivery of the mineral.
The episode is a statement on bigotry and prejudices based on the most ridiculous of claims and how those assumptions can have long lasting impacts on an entire civilization. There are only three episodes left of the Original Series run and then the unaired pilot episode “The Cage”.

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  1. I'm impressed that you were able to get on that treadmill even after an exhausting day!