Monday, November 21, 2011

The Magicks of Megas-tu

Two Lasagnas are in the fridge and ready to be cooked tomorrow afternoon! Traditional lasagna and an alfredo lasagna, they are like my children and I love them equally! Well ok that is a bold face lie, I love my alfredo lasagna so much more. I would even consider marrying it one of these days and changing my name to Paul Lasagna, which sounds so sexy I know. The lasagnas are for a small gathering I am throwing tomorrow at my house. I love entertaining but at times would love to hire someone to do all the grunt work before the party so I can just welcome people and be social with my friends. Oh well that is life when you are not Oprah, which means maybe I have to become the gay male Oprah and get a show… but damnit there already is one, blast that Ellen and her trickiness. Next plan I guess. Maybe this blog will make me famous enough??? I’d better get used to cleaning and cooking I guess.

Treadmill today for only one episode. I am starting to feel like such a lazy bastard for only doing 25 minutes a day. I suppose that is 25 minutes more in one day than I used to do in a month so it is all good now and then.
The Magicks of Megas-tu
This episode is to the animated series what Spock’s Brain is to the original series… what a clunker. The Enterprise is trying to explore the center of the galaxy and gets magically teleported to an alternate plane of existence. There they encounter a planet and are basically greeted by a character that looks like the devil who calls himself Lucien. He reveals himself to be of the planet and goes into a long bit of plot exposition that details the history of his planet and how they once traveled to Earth but left because of cruelty. The Enterprise crew is captured by the rest of the inhabitants of Megas-tu and is put on trial as a society. The aliens reveal themselves as puritans in Salem Massachusetts during the trial and Kirk and Spock are charged with defending all of humanity. They are set free and it is revealed that Lucien is really Lucifer (the devil).. who saw that one coming?? EVERYONE! Lucifer is portrayed sympathetically and Kirk saves his life. Edgy stuff for a Saturday morning cartoon.

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