Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today was simply a glorious day outside and I was stuck inside working. And despite that small detail I had a wonderful day at work. There was a love connection made between a few of my students that I don’t really approve of, this small detail makes me feel like an over protective father, yikes! A student played along with me on a joke on a 6th grader in which I said that if paperwork was not returned fingers would be cut off! The seventh grader in my room played along and pretended that he was missing a finger. Both boys had quite the laugh that hour. Finally there was a hilarious incident regarding the perception of maturity. The stories that I have accumulated over the years with my students could not be written they are so funny and odd. This of course is one of the reasons that I love my job, besides the fact that I get to help my kiddos.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 590, Miles: 3.23

Picard, LaForge, Data and Troi have all been away at a conference and are on their way back to the Enterprise when strange things start to occur on board the roundabout. They begin to experience periods of time standing still and they determine that they have been caught in some type of subspace or time continuum rift. They find that there are shifts throughout the whole system and they carefully navigate back to the Enterprise, which they find to be in a battle with a Romulan warbird. LaForge devises a way for the group to beam over to the Enterprise which is currently frozen in time. The find Romulans all over the ship and Troi even finds that Crusher has been hit with a disruptor and will die as soon as time returns. Data also finds that the warp core is on overload and a breach will destroy both ships in a matter of hours. Picard has a freak out in engineering and it is the result of subspace psychosis, which goes away quickly. They three move to the Romulan ship to see what happened and they find two different problems. The first is that there are aliens on board the Romulan ship and the Romulan’s quantum singularity is causing the whole problem. The alien is not a Romulan but a subspace alien who is trying to protect its young that are living in the Romulan singularity. Data, LaForge, Picard and Troi develop a plan to turn back the time in order to stop the ship blowing up, stop Crusher getting killed and then solve the whole situation from happening. Their plan goes off well enough and all is set right . 

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