Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Chase

It has been a wonderful cooking weekend! This morning in the kitchen I made a delightfully spicy meal for myself, Huevos Rancheros. Not sure if it was an authentic recipe but it had peppers, onions, eggs, and chorizo so that sounds official enough to me. Now I’m off to a birthday party for a three year old.. woo hoo! Or something like that.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 635, Miles: 3.87

The Chase
Picard is paid a visit by an old archeology professor from his youth. Professor Galen shows up with a very lavish gift as an attempt to get Picard to go on an extended archeological mission with him that would pull Picard from the Enterprise for maybe up to a year. Picard has to decline and Galen storms off feeling that he has been betrayed. A few hours later the Enterprise gets a distress signal from Galen who is under attack. The Enterprise gets there in time to rescue Galen but he is badly injured and dies shortly after he is brought on board. LaForge and Data uncover some Data on the ship that gives a clue to what he was attempting. Picard now takes it on himself to fulfill Galen’s mission even if it disrupts the ships current diplomatic mission. Crusher and Picard decifer that the numbers are part of a genetic code from races spread across the quadrant. They are missing a few pieces of the puzzle though it seems and they begin retracing Galen’s flight plan. On one planet they run into two Cardassian ships and  Klingon ship and upon further discussion they are all on the same mission. The Klingons believe it to be the code for a weapon and the Cardassians believe it to be the plans for a power source. The three work together and figure out where the next target planet is but the Cardassians are being tricky and open fire on the Enterprise and Klingons and head out first. Having caught wind of the plan before the information was revealed Picard gave false information. The Enterprise, now playing host to the Klingon captain, heads to the correct planet. Once there the Humans, Cardassians, and Klingons are confronted by a group of Romulans who have been tracking the entire scenario for days. The codes are all put together and the image of an alien woman appears who informs them all that she was the last member of  a race of beings that spread their genetic material across the universe to make sure there was humanoid life across the galaxy. The other aliens don’t take the message to heart and leave but Picard and the crew of the Enterprise appreciate the message for its historical value. 

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