Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I did this workout yesterday but was in no mood to write it up because I was feeling just a little bit pissy about being constantly cancelled on by potential dates. But today I am feeling in much better spirits so I have decided to put the smile on my face and push on! I had a great day today and went on a 4 mile run with a friend of mine. Nothing to fantastic to be honest.

Elliptical Machine- didn’t write down my stats

LaForge, Data, and Crusher are working to perfect a system where a person can interface with a probe to go into a dangerous situation safely. The system is not perfect but it needs to be in a matter of days when they are to perform a rescue of a Starfleet vessel that was stranded on a planet with a toxic atmosphere. Meanwhile we learn that the USS Hera has disappeared, the ship that LaForge’s mother was recently made captain. Everyone in LaForge’s life seems to be moving on with the loss of Captain LaForge except for Geordi himself. He even starts to see his mother while he is interfaced with the probe on the planet. She tells him that they are stuck on the ship below and he goes off the deep end about trying to find her. Everyone on board tells him to get over it and Picard even goes so far as to ban him from making the interface again. LaForge of course disobeys this order and makes the interface with Data’s help. He finds his mother on the ship but it is quickly revealed that she is just the image of his mother being used by a group of aliens who are stranded on the Starfleet ship and need help getting back to the surface. In the end LaForge moves on an accepts his mother’s death. 

In this episode we get to meet LaForge's parents who are played by Ben Vereen and Madge Sinclair, both of whom starred in Roots with LeVar Burton. Ben Vereen was a big broadway star and Madge Sinclair is famous as playing the Captain of the Saratoga in Star Trek IV. 

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