Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Face of the Enemy

The first day of school was a total success! I met a bunch of my students and had a really fun day! There is something very special about the energy in a school on the first day back to class. It is a very unique mixture of adrenaline, anxiety, fear, joy, anticipation, hormones and sweat. The latter of course being because it is always a million frickin degrees on the first day of school. The highlight of my day has to be having a pleasant conversation with one of my students about his new pet dog. The reason this is a highlight is because this student came into open house and said to me “I hate you and I don’t want to be in your class”. Making a real connection with a student is one of the reasons I love my job!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 670, Miles: 4.09

Face Of The Enemy
Counselor Troi awakens in a dark room and is slightly disoriented and when she turns on the lights she makes a startling discovery, she has been transformed into a Romulan. She is informed by Sub Commander N’Vek that she has been recruited against her will to assist in the transportation of a mysterious cargo to Federation space. She is on board the Romulan Warbird Khazara and she is impersonating Major Rakal of the Tal Shiar, the Romulan intelligence organization. Troi is given very little information to work with and her first encounter with the commander of the ship goes rough but thankfully most Romulans fear the Tal Shiar. Troi and N’Vek meet in the cargo hold to examine the cargo being transported. The cargo is in all actuality three high ranking members of the Romulan Imperial Senate. Meanwhile on the Enterprise they are not missing Troi because she is supposed to be a psychology conference. The Enterprise picks up a former Starfleet ensign who 20 years ago defected to Romulus. He states that he was simply ready to rejoin his family and life on Earth and that he has a message from Ambassador Spock. His message is to send the Enterprise to meet up with a cargo ship to pick up some precious cargo. Meanwhile back on the Warbird, Troi is having difficulty keeping things under control with the Commader who is very resentful of the Tal Shiar and unwilling to cooperate. When the Warbird rendezvous with the cargo ship Troi says they are not trustworthy so N’Vek destroys this ship. Soon after, the Enterprise is on the scene to meet the cargo ship that was destroyed. The two ships play a cat and mouse game of trying to locate each other and figure out what is happening. Troi takes over the Warbird and shocks the Enterprise when she reveals herself as Commander of the ship. The cargo is secretly beamed on the bridge of the Enterprise but the Romulan Commander takes back control of the ship. Picard manages to get Troi of the Warbird just in time and she is returned to normal. 

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