Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gambit, Part 1

Nothing to share today, Yet another boring blog post in one week! I really apologize everyone about the boring ass posts it is just that I have been so damn busy lately to even think about what is happening around my world. 

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 600, Miles: 3.70

Gambit, Part 1
The senior staff is searching for Captain Picard who has just disappeared a few weeks ago. They are searching for him in some intergalactic dive bar and they finally come up with a lead. A man has seen Picard but reports that he was in a weapons fight and was vaporized. The crew of the Enterprise goes on with their lives though everyone is heartbroken at the loss of their leader, Riker especially. Riker manages to secure the permission to investigate Picard’s death. The Enterprise heads to a planet linked to a group of mercenaries that have been raiding the sector for the past few months. While on the planet the landing party is attacked by the raiding group and Riker is taken on board as a hostage. Once on board the mercenary ship Riker meets their captain who rules the ship through the use of torture devices. Riker and the mercenary captain butt heads initially but a crew member named Galen suggests he kill Riker. This only brings Riker and the captain close to each other. By the way Galen is Captain Picard who has also been captured by these mercenaries. The Enterprise figures out that these aliens have been raiding ancient Romulan ruins in search of something but they are unsure what. Picard and Riker finally get a chance to talk to one another about what is happening and they develop a quick plan of attack. The Enterprise engages the mercenary ship while it was attacking a Federation outpost and that is when the cliffhanger happens. Right as the mercenary ship is firing on the Enterprise. 

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