Saturday, September 8, 2012


I worked out twice today but during this workout I went backwards for a little more than half of the total time on the elliptical machine. The calorie count is not as high, nor is the distance but my ass sure knows that I worked out twice! Going Backwards On The Elliptical HURTS!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 439, Miles: 2.60

Picard finds himself wanting to do some personal work during an evening off but is interrupted from working, using the computer and even having a cup of tea. He is informed by Data that Stellar Cartography is allocating much of the ship’s resources for an experiment. Upon visiting the department he meets the new head of Stellar Science, Lt. Commander Nella Daren, who is a little brisk at first. Picard is curious about this woman and his interest grows when he watches her play in a music recital with Data in Ten-Forward. The two form a bond over music and their bond quickly turns to romance. Picard and Daren begin seeing a romantic relationship which is a struggle initially for Picard but he gives into his feelings and the two enjoy many enchanting duets. Picard is challenged when he must send Daren on a dangerous away mission to set up a special force field to protect a starbase from a fire storm. During the mission it appears that Daren has died in an accident and Picard feels terrible for sending the one he loves on a mission that killed her. Daren ends up surviving the mission and comes on board in rough shape, she feels bad for putting Picard through the ordeal and hopes that he does not feel guilty for what happened. Of course he does feel guilty and the two agree that she would be best to transfer to another ship. The episode ends on a somber note with Picard experiencing true love but having to give it up because of his career in Starfleet.

The first 35 minutes of the show can essentially be summed up as “BrownChickenBrownCow” meaning that Picard finally gets to get it on with a woman who is completely available to him and every bit his equal. In the end you feel bad for the guy because it seems he will never find true love and happiness. 

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