Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Second Chances

My elliptical is still making noises but I am now waiting for the parts to show up in the mail so that it can be repaired this weekend. I worked out today on my elliptical and the noises really started bugging me a good 10 minutes into the workout but I decided to cope with it and carry on with the routine. I am now only two episodes away from starting the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation! I really have pretty much nothing to say on today’s blog so I really am sorry that this post is a bit lame.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 565, Miles: 3.52

Second Chances
The Enterprise is orbiting Nervala IV, a planet that Riker had been on nearly 8 years ago and almost didn’t escape alive. Upon beam down to the planet Riker and the rest of the away team come face to face with Riker. It appears that there is a duplicate Will Riker somehow and so Lt. Riker is sent up to the Enterprise for medical testing. Crusher finds out that this man truly is Will Riker and further research shows that 8 years ago Riker was beamed up to the Potemkin but somehow a duplicate was sent back to the planet. So Lt. Riker has been living alone on an isolated planet for 8 years and he’s a little miffed by the whole thing and well so is Commander Riker because now there are two of him. Troi and Lt. Riker meet and to him they are still in love and throughout the course of the show the two fall back in love which is something I would have thought Troi was smarter than but oh well. Riker and Riker continue to butt heads about how to regain access to the station’s computer core and it is decided that they will have to go into the core itself to fix the problem. While there the two’s lives are endangered and this brings them close together finally. Lt. Riker is transferred to the USS Gandhi but Troi does not opt to go with him and stays on the Enterprise. To help distinguish himself from Will Riker this other Riker decides to go by his middle name Thomas.

So Data had and evil twin and now Riker has a semi-disgruntled genetic copy hanging around the galaxy. The show is again a play on the topic of seeing yourself and not liking what you see. 

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