Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starship Mine

This evening I decided to part in an adventure that I have not done since my days at St. Francis Junior High in the Family and Consumer Sciences room. Come to think of it, it may have just been called Home Economics back then but I can’t remember. Anyways back to the point, today I made banana bread! As I write this post my two loaves of goodness are baking and just like a nervous parent in the delivery room I hope they turn out okay and fulfill my hopes and dreams! Whenever I cook I reminded just how much I love to cook and bake and I wonder why I don’t do it more often. I am also reminded what a nightmare I can be in the kitchen. Not in the sense that things go wrong or fires start and houses burn down but in the sense that I am not always the most organized person in the kitchen. I am also partial to listening to cheesy ‘80’s music, singing, dancing and drinking while cooking. I am sure that I look like a crazy fool while in my kitchen but I maintain that it would make a wonderful cooking program for the Food Network. How often have we all watched those cooking shows like Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay or my personal favorite Giada de Laurentiis, and thought “how is it possible that this bitch is that organized when she cooks?” The answer is quite simply this… IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Which is where my show, “One Crazy Bitch in the Kitch”, comes into play to add humor and simple cooking recipes that the American public might actually be able to recreate at home. Someday it may happen, you never know!

Also of special note today is that it is Star Trek's Birthday!!!!!! On this day in 1966 the very first episode of the original series aired, The Man Trap. Star Trek is 46 years old! I hope to be done with all the seasons by the time Star Trek turns 50 years old! I think I am well on the way to reaching that goal. 

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 632, Mile: 3.90

Starship Mine
The Enterprise has docked at the Remmler Array to be decontaminated using a baryon particle beam. This beam will not harm the ship’s structure or computer but is absolutely deadly to living materials so the entire ship must be cleared before the decontamination can take place. Picard is dreading this stop because base Commander Hutchinson has invited the senior staff to a reception while they are off the ship and he has a reputation to be talkative and annoying. While at the reception Hutchinson corners everyone but Picard finds a way out when horses are mentioned. Picard takes this opportunity to go back to the Enterprise to retrieve his personal saddle which of course any serious rider would always have with him. On the planet Riker pawns Data of on Hutchinson which is beneficial to everyone because Data is working on his small talk skills so it gives him practice and keeps Hutchinson away from everyone else. Back on the Enterprise Picard finds a technician messing with a conduit panel but before he can figure out what is happening he is captured. The Enterprise has been boarded by a small group of mercenaries who are trying to steal Trilithium resin, a deadly substance that can be used to make weapons. Picard escapes and begins attempting to thwart these terrorists’ plans to steal the materials, all while the deadly baryon beam is makings its way from the rear of the ship to the front. Back on the surface the senior staff is taken hostage in the reception room, they manage to outsmart the captors by modifying LaForge’s VISOR to emit a high frequency pulse that renders everyone but Data unconscious.  The terrorists get away but the Trilithium device explodes and they all die on their getaway ship and Picard has the beam turned off just in the nick of time.

The show features a brief appearance by Tim Russ who would later go on to play Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager a few years later. Interestingly enough Picard renders him unconscious by use of the Vulcan neck pinch, a funny bit of foreshadowing for his future character. The show plays very much like a Die Hard in space. I almost wanted to hear Picard say “Yippie Kaya Motherfucker!”

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