Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthright, Part 2

My new brown boots came in the mail today! I had been searching for a pair of brown ankle-height boots but have not been able to find them anywhere. I checked all of my favorite shoe stores including DSW, Kohls, Bass and the Famous Footwear where I bought my black pair of ankle-height boots. I finally broke down and found them on amazon and shipped them to my house. Ok well that is not the whole story. The real story is that yes I had been looking for these boots for a long time but then I finally got impatient and drunk one night an ordered them on amazon. The devil in my life is the iPhone app because it makes it so damn easy to shop online in this modern age. And when you combine easy shopping on the phone and copious amounts of liquor… PAUL BE SHOPPIN’. It is a bad thing because every once in a while I have a random package show up in the house with a movie, book or piece of clothing inside it. It is almost like Christmas but I am the one paying for the gifts and getting surprised all at the same time. YEAH!

I forgot to write down my elliptical stats after my workout L

Weekly Weigh-In: 198!!!!

Birthright, Part II
Worf is being held against his will in the Klingon/Romulan camp just outside Romulan space. The Klingons in the camp explain to him that they were captured by the Romulans at Khitomer and requested to stay at this camp to avoid bringing shame to their families on the Klingon home world. The Romulan prison warden and the head Klingon explain that Worf must not be permitted to leave because they want the place to remain a secret from the Klingon home world. Worf meets several of members of the camp including the 20 something Klingon children who know nothing of their culture or the world outside of their camp. Worf is very disgruntled to learn about this and feels he must start educating these young Klingons about the ways of the warriror. The Romulan and Klingon leaders are quite upset and inform Worf that he must stop driving a wedge between these two racial groups. He explains that outside of the camp Romulans and Klingons hate each other. The Romulan leader explains that in the camp this is not the case in fact he reveals that he is married to a Klingon woman. Worf develops an attachment to one of the young females but this is thwarted when he sees that she has Romulan ears. She is the daughter of the Romulan leader and a Klingon woman. Worf can’t tolerate this initially but initially she turns his mind. Worf takes one of the young men on a hunt and this again pisses off the Romulan leader who sentences Worf to death. Before he can be killed the Klingon teenagers stop them and request to leave the planet with Worf. The leaders agree to let them leave but Worf makes the children promise not to mention the camp in order to protect their parents and their family honor. While all of this was happening the Enterprise has been looking for Worf but they have very little information to go off of. Eventually a Romulan supply ship meets the Enterprise and Worf and the children are beamed aboard to start their new lives. 

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