Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rightful Heir

Another day at the farm and I’ve again gotten very little done from my ”to do list.” The main thing I accomplished was working out and watching The Big Bang Theory. I’m finally watching the season premiere of Glee. My initial impression is that Unique is a bit too much for a full time appearance on the show but maybe he/she will grow on me. Once again today I did a full episode of Star Trek and then 40 minutes in the sauna at my folks’ house.

Rightful Heir
Worf is having a crisis of faith and it has been getting in the way of his work on the Enterprise. Picard confronts him and tells him he needs to figure out his problems and sends him on a leave of absence. Worf chooses to go to a Klingon monsetary of sorts where a group of Holy men are waiting for the return of Kahless. Worf sees Kahless in a vision one night by a fire but it turns out not to be a vision but to be a real live person who says he is Kahless, come back to save the Klingon people. Worf is skeptical of this and has his doubts. Worf, the monks and Kahless come on board the Enterprise for some medical examinations. Gowron the head of the Klingon high council shows up to oversee the tests and disprove that this man is Kahless. Gowron fears that his power is being threatened and wants to disprove this supposed messiah. Genetic testing reveals that he is indeed the man he purports to be but there are still doubts especially when he can’t provide certain details about his mythos, his death and even the afterlife. Worf confronts the monks and Kahless about who he really is and they finally confess that he is a clone that they built in a lab from Kahless’ blood found on a knife of from thousands of years ago. Worf is furious and decides to share this information with Gowron but he does not want the public to know about the deception. Worf proposes that Kahless be named the emperor of the Klingon people but only in name. He will not have any power but will be figure to guide the morality of the Klingon people.  

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