Monday, September 10, 2012

Frame of Mind

My elliptical machine is making a clunking noise and a creaking noise and even a whooshing noise and all three of them are driving me up the wall. Today I got off the elliptical after 20 minutes and decided I finally needed to call Livestrong and get my darn machine fixed. Too bad Livestrong isn’t open after 5 pm so I need to give them a call tomorrow afternoon. Looks like I will be running tomorrow afternoon or skeazing off of my parents to use their elliptical machine.  

Frame Of Mind
Riker is in rehearsal for a play that Dr. Crusher is directing on the Enterprise. The play takes place in a mental asylum with Riker playing a crazy man accused of murder and Data playing the menacing psychologist. During the rehearsal period though Riker has been developing some psychological issues of his own and starts seeing images and having a heightened awareness of pain and others emotions. At the same time Riker is supposed to go on an undercover mission on a planet in a state of civil unrest. Riker continues to shift back and forth between reality and being a mental patient on this planet, and he soon loses track of reality and his delusions. Riker is told he will undergo an experimental procedure to prove his innocence of murder but this only confuses him more and the line grows ever more thin between normal and crazy. In the end an abduction of Riker is staged by the crew of the Enterprise though this proves to be unreal as well and Riker comes to on an operating table. Riker manages to escape and it is revealed that he was kidnapped to provide critical tactical information with the factions of the planet he was observing. Riker feels uneasy as the show ends and asks Crusher if he can tear down the set by himself.  

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