Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Honestly nothing really that impressive happened today and I’ve made no profound discoveries on this fine Wednesday.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 400, Miles: 2.5 
I only went for a 25 minute workout today and then did my crunches. 

Picard is involved in some type of accident and it renders him dead on the sickbay table. When he dies he sees a large white room and a “god like” figure in the distance, the figure though is Q who has now decided to mess with Picard in the afterlife. Picard and Q have an in depth discussion about his past and any possible regrets he may have. Picard expresses a desire to change the events surrounding him needing an artificial heart years ago when he was a new Starfleet Academy graduate. Picard suddenly comes to as he is slapped in the face by an angry woman that he apparently recently dumped! Picard is a young man in his twenties with his two good friends Marta and Cortin; the three are getting ready to part ways on their first assignments. Cortin is playing a game called Dom-Jot when a few Nausicans decide to challenge him to a match which Cortin loses. Cortin, Picard and Marta determine the Nausicans have cheated to win the game but Picard tries to talk the others out of getting revenge on the cheaters. Cortin decides to get revenge by cheating as well but eventually Picard stops him and thus he prevents him getting stabbed in the heart. Picard comes to on the Enterprise again but now he is a Lieutenant junior grade in the astrophysics department on the Enterprise. Picard is totally unsatisfied with this existence and talks Q into letting him redo his changes. Picard is sent back to the Dom-Jot table where the fight occurs and he loses his heart. After this he wakes up on the operating table and life goes on as usual. 

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