Sunday, September 23, 2012


St. Cloud’s gay pride festival was larger than I had expected for the town and I am sure that in a few years it will be much more of a big deal. I will give the folks of the planning committee,, your drag performers kinda sucked last night. I would strongly advise that you go the Minneapolis and hire some good queens! This is my only advice other than that I had a total blast last night in St. Cloud and it was very fun to celebrate this event in my former school town. On a related note I have found that since I have become a more active person I do not suffer a headache or a hangover nearly as bad as I did when I was chubbier guy.

The Enterprise is playing host to two Iyaaran ambassadors and Picard is going to the Iyaaran home world as part of cultural exchange. Troi and Riker are to play liaisons to the ambassadors but one of them demands a change from Riker to Worf and he is less than pleased.  Worf’s ambassador is rude, condescending and awful to him for the entire visit and the two butt heads until Worf decides to do what any good Starfleet officer would do, kick the ambassador’s ass.  After this episode the ambassador and Worf get along fabulously. Meanwhile Troi’s ambassador becomes quickly infatuated with desserts, chocolate and pleasure activities. Troi enjoys this approach at first but eventually she wants to have a serious conversation about ship’s functions and human values and mores. Meanwhile while on route to the Iyaaran home world Picard’s shuttle is damaged and he and the Iyaaran pilot land on a nearby M class planet. A woman who has been on the planet alone for the last 7 years finds Picard and takes him to her makeshift shelter. Picard has been injured and slowly but surely this woman starts to reveal that she is crazy. When Picard confronts Anna about this situation it is revealed that the whole thing has been a test from the Iyaaran’s who didn’t understand the concept of love and attachement. The other two ambassadors were attempting to better understand aggression and pleasure while on their visit. Picard is mad about what has happened but he shrugs it off and the ambassadors part way back to their home. 

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