Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ship In A Bottle

Yesterday was a glorious day outside and I took full advantage of the good weather. I went for a trail ride at my sister’s place with my sister and a friend of ours. My horse Beau was a bit of a turkey during the ride but it was still a very enjoyable time. After the ride I took the time and gave him a bath and a good grooming. I maintain that this is one of the most soothing and relaxing activities that I know of. There is a special bond between horse and man and when it is a good relationship it is very near a relation of equals.

Elliptical Machine- Calories:450, Miles:2.3

Ship In A Bottle
Data and LaForge are on the Holodeck engaging in some relaxation in the form of a Sherlock Holmes story but the program is malfunctioning. Data asks Lt. Barclay to run a diagnostic on the system and Barclay discovers the Professor Moriarty program that had been stored and frozen some 4 years ago. Professor Moriarty had somehow become self-aware and nearly a sentient life form and tried to take control of the Enterprise. Well he is back and mad as hell that he has been kept waiting for the last four years. He demands that he be removed from the holodeck and then confounds Picard and Data when he magically walks off the holodeck into the hall. He is told to wait for his time and be patient but of course Moriarty cannot do either of those things. He takes the Enterprise hostage and demands that he be given a way to remove his true love, Regina Bartholomew, off the holodeck. Picard, Data, and Barclay now attempt to work to meet Moriarty’s demands. They are unable to transport off the holodeck but Data makes a shocking discovery, that he, Picard and Barclay have never left the holodeck. The three put a plan into motion so that they can fool Moriarty and regain control of the Enterprise. Moriarty and Bartholomew are given a shuttle and take off to explore their new life together in the universe. Picard regains control of the Enterprise and it is revealed that Moriarty never left the holodeck and that he is now living in a simulator. In the end Picard poses the question that we all could be living in some holodeck simulator living out the dreams of some other master race out there in the universe. 

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