Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthright, Part 1

PURPLE PANTS! I think my obsession with nontraditionally colored pants has come to possibly its climax. I was at Target today with a coworker on a mission to pick up skittles for an activity in my homeroom. Well a skittles run turned into picking up not only skittles but a book, a lap desk a bottle of water and a pair of purple dress pants. They are not a bright purple but rather a very classy shade of aubergine that will look simply fabulous with my grey cardigan or my oatmeal cardigan that I bought earlier this year. I have been so enjoying reinventing my style this summer as I purchase a new wardrobe for myself. The goal is to change up my style a little and incorporate more colors into the wardrobe. In the past I have been in a black and grey phase that I am going to try to bust out of in a big way.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 642, Miles: 3.97

Birthright, Part 1
The Enterprise is docked at Space Station Deep Space Nine to assist the Bajoran government with repairs to the planet’s aqueduct system. While on board Worf is approached by an alien who claims to have information on his father who he claims is actually alive. This pisses Worf off to no end and the whole crew of the Enterprise seems to be in tuned with this fact and Troi even attempts to talk it out with him to no avail. Meanwhile Data has detected an intrusion in sickbay and he goes to investigate what is happening. He finds Dr. Bashir, DS9’s chief medical officer, who is working on an experiment dealing with a device found in the Gama Quadrant. While Bashir, LaForge and Data are working on the device in engineering it overcharges and a high powered beam hits Data. Data is out for about 45 seconds but during that time he has a vision of Dr. Soong working on a blacksmith’s anvil. He is resuscitated but the three cannot explain to occurrence of Data’s dream so they begin running diagnostics but Data is not satisfied with that so he begins examining his dreams. He talks to Picard about his dream who informs him to begin exploring his thoughts, so Data begins painting visions from his dream. Data then goes to  Worf for advice on what to do and hearing about Data’s father encourages him to go in search of his own father. Data convinces Bashir and LaForge to recreate the experiment and he is once again rendered unconscious. Data enters another dream state where he encounters Dr. Soong and has a conversation about his own cognitive abilities and how he has grown into a new level of consciousness. Data and Bashir have a conversation about his dreams and the two part ways with Bashir off to write a paper on the incident. Meanwhile Worf finds the Klingon camp in Romulan space and is perplexed to find that Klingons don’t want to leave the planet. The show ends with Worf being confronted by a few Romulan guards.

A large portion of this episode is based at Deep Space Nine and the show helps to serve as a bridge between The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Deep Space Nine had just premiered shortly before this episode aired and this was to help show a connection between the two Star Trek shows and encourage fans to watch the new show. 

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