Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where No Man Has Gone Before

What a lazy Saturday! I somehow woke up early today but have had nothing planned and I’ve kept it that way! Besides today’s workout I have done nothing productive besides grow a couch out of my ass while watching TV. Why exactly is the Food Network and HGTV so addicting? I could watch pretty much any show on that channel and enjoy myself. I even watched a show about cooking fish today and I HATE fish. Maybe it is just that you can watch these two networks and fall asleep easily because the same show with a different name will be on when you wake up?  LOVE THEM BOTH!

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill – 2.3 miles and 220 calories burned

Where No Man Has Gone Before
In this Episode the Enterprise is planning to travel outside the Galaxy. There is a barrier at the end of the galaxy that is difficult to pass through. The Enterprise recovers a recording device from a ship that attempted the crossing over 200 years prior. The records of the tape showed that there was some type of accident that happened and the captain destroyed the ship. There were several mentions of ESP in the ships records too. When they cross the edge of the galaxy two crew members are affected by the crossing. Gary Mitchell, Kirk’s good friend, develops super human powers as a result of the crossing. It becomes apparent that they need to get rid of this guy before he decides to kill everyone on board. Kirk and Spock agree to abandon him on a desolate planet. Gary becomes aware of the plan escapes and ultimately he and Kirk must face off in the middle of nowhere on this planet. Kirk defeats Gary but the episode ends on a very somber note.  The message here is “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and asks us each what we would do if we had supreme powers.

This show is very interesting because it was the second pilot but they decided to air it third. This is interesting because there were several differences in cast, costumes, props and sets made after this before the show went into regular production. For this to be shown third must have absolutely confused viewers in 1966. There were a few other changes made in the first few episodes that I will keep you updated on as the blog goes.

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