Thursday, July 28, 2011


So Today has been AWESOME thus far!!!! I had an amazing doctor's visit today and ran a few errands then had lunch with my momalla! Funny that a doctor's appointment can be amazing but it was. I have been on medication for quite some time because of high blood pressure and for a guy my age that is no good. Well as a combination of loosing weight, working out and eating better my blood pressure is looking great according to the doctor and he said that if I keep it up I will be able to eventually get off the meds. I'm really hopeful for this and plan on making it happen. I always tell people that my goal is "thin by 30" but really it is simply to be healthier! The thin part sounds good and rhymes nicely with 30 so it is a good goal. I don't tell people often about being on medication for blood pressure because to be honest I'm a little embarrassed about it but I am taking control now and want to get healthier without the use of pills to maintain blood pressure.

Today's Work Out-
Treadmill: 1.97 miles; 208 calories

Weekly Weigh-in: 246 lbs
(Ten Pounds Down, and according to medical records 16 down since December)

Kirk and company are invited to a formal dinner and reception at a starbase on Cestas-3. When they arrive at the starbase they find it to be destroyed and still under attack from an unknown alien force. Kirk and crew fight back and beam out when the enemy backs down. Kirk decides to follow the alien vessel to "punish them for what they did" and pushes the Enterprise to its limits. When passing by an uncharted vessel both ships are stopped dead in their tracks. The inhabitants of the planet are known as The Metrons and are a highly advanced race of beings. The Metrons do not believe in violence and decide to intervene and they take the captain of each vessel to a barren planet to fight to the death. The winner's ship goes home, the loser's ship will be destroyed. Kirk finds himself in a fight with a Gorn. The Gorn are a large lizard-like race with superior physical strength but inferior mental capacity. In the end Kirk's ingenuity wins out when he creates a cannon out of bamboo, diamonds, sulfur, and charcoal. When Kirk decides not to kill the injured Gorn the Metrons decide there is hope for humans and they allow the Enterprise to leave freely.

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  1. Good work Paul! Keep at it. I lost 30 pounds last school year and so far I've kept it off. Take it slow and you will be amazed how great you keep feeling as each week and month go by. Call me anytime you want to talk healthy eating or need someone to shout "DON'T DO IT" when you're tempted to pick up a chocolate chip cookie!