Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Conscience of the King

I had today off and yet I still ended up going into work for about an hour and a half just to get some paperwork done for next week. Then I ran some errands and enjoyed my Thursday off. I went to get a haircut and well the results are not great and I knew they wouldn’t be. I went to a local Great Clips and as always there were a few different stylists working at the time. One of the women had cute hair and a cute outfit the other one… not so much. Guess who did my hair? Yep the one with the bad hair and outfit. I find it very odd when a person whose profession is to make other people’s hair look good has bad hair themselves. I see these women and men and just want to scream “Physician Heal Thyself!” but of course my reserved nature does not allow this. I mean why should I get my haircut from a person who can’t help themselves? This is the same reason I won’t go to a doctor who is a smoker, a dentist with missing teeth or  take diet advice from someone who is fat; hence the reason why no one should take diet advice from Dr. Phill. I am not even able to look at the cashier and request that I have the person with a good hair cut because heaven forbid I offend their feelings. I sometimes wonder if it is time to simply go to a better salon and pay a little more.

Today’s Workout
Treadmill- 2.62 miles and 300 calories

It is also time for the weekly weigh-in: 248lbs
That means I am down 8 lbs! yeah !!!

The Conscience of the King
Shakespeare meets Star Trek!! The Enterprise is called to respond to an emergency call from an old friend of Captain Kirk’s. The friend reveals that he has found a person he thinks to be Kodos a former governor of Tarsus IV who can be compared to Hitler. The man committed several acts of genocide over 20 years ago. He is thought to be dead but there was never a confirmation of the dead body. Kirk and 8 others saw Kodos 20 years ago before he vanished. The man has become an actor now and has a traveling acting troupe that tours productions of Shakespeare’s classics. Kirk volunteers to take the troupe to their next destination for two reasons. 1- Find out if the man is indeed Kodos 2- hit on the man’s daughter and hopefully “pump” her for information. There is a murder attempt made at Lt. Riley who also saw Kodos years before and an attempt is made to kill Captain Kirk. After the assassination attempts Kirk confronts the actor who neither confirms nor denies that he is Kodos. That night the troupe puts on a production of “Hamlet” for the starship’s crew. During the production Lt. Riley tries to kill the actor but he is stopped by Kirk. We find out that Kodos’ daughter has been killing the surviving witnesses to Kodos’ death and in true Shakespearean fashion she accidentally kills her father and goes bat-shit crazy! She is dropped off at a mental institute and the Enterprise is off to the next adventure.

The title of the episode makes reference to a famous speech in Hamlet. During the speech Hamlet explains his plans to use a troupe of actors to see if his uncle truly did kill Hamlet's father. Hamlet says to the audience "The plays the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king".

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