Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mudd's Women

For the first time since I started this blog it almost happened! I nearly didn’t do my work out but better judgment prevailed and I hopped on the treadmill in the end! I’m really glad I did and I’m starting to really enjoy my work outs even if they challenge me. All in all today was good!

Today’s Work Out:
Treadmill- 2.32 miles and 282 calories maximum incline of 8 (yikes that hurt my booty)

Mudd’s Women
What a gem of an early episode! The episode opens with Kirk and Crew following a rogue vessel that drifts into an asteroid field. The Enterprise picks up the Captain and cargo but in the process destroy their Lithium Crystals (soon to be known as dilitium in the future episodes). Well the Enterprise picks up the galaxies most lovable PIMP… Harry Mudd! This man is transporting women and even wearing a giant hat with a feather stuck in it! HOLLA! Yep Harry Mudd is traveling around with a shipment of women and he is waiting to sell them off as wives and collect the industry standard 15%. Not that I know what the industry standard is but I heard it once on an episode of Will & Grace J
Anyways back to Star Trek. Mudd discovers that the Enterprise is heading to planet to pick of Lithium from three miners who are all young and single. Well the daft pimp goes to work to set up marriages. The miners initially won’t work with Kirk and Spock and throw a party to meet their new ladies. We find out there is something fishy going on with these women who continue to turn on every man they come in contact with. There is a very good message here about self-esteem and believing in yourself no matter who you are. In the end the Enterprise gets the crystals they need, the girls get their husbands and all is well in the universe!

So I had totally forgotten this but Uhura started off wearing a yellow uniform; which does not look good against her stunning ebony skin tone! I think she only wore the yellow for two episodes before the powers that be decided it was to be red! I just love the sassy look on her face in this pic too!

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