Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomorrow is Yesterday

So I didn’t blog yesterday because I was super busy but I still managed to get in a 25 minute Pilates work out! I had school all day yesterday and then went to see Crazy Stupid Love and get dinner with a few friends.  Let me say that I did not like this movie despite all of the rave reviews. I didn’t find it funny and even found some of the storyline objectionable, and I’m not usually a prude, but using a 17 year old girl’s intense crush on a 45 year old man is not an appropriate comedic plot point! EEEEW. Of the six of us who went Two enjoyed the film on its own, Two liked it because Ryan Gosling was shirtless most of the time and Two of us disliked it. So the moral of the story here go see the movie, cause maybe my opinion is horse shit!   But it is always good to see friends and so all in all it was a very fun night.

Today is a combination of running errands, lunch with the sister and then I’m off to see Elk River Community Theatre’s production of “Phantom of the Opera”. I love spending time with my theatre family so obviously we will be getting drinks later on tonightJ

Yesterday’s workout-
Windsor Pilates 20 minute workout

Today’s Workout-
Treadmill:  2.2 miles and 272 calories

Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Due to a freak accident in space the Enterprise is shot backwards in time to the current day (1960’s). They are soon spotted on the US Air Force radar systems and a plane is sent up to investigate. To prevent the captain of the fighter jet from destroying the Enterprise he is beamed aboard, and told the exact truth about the Enterprise. COME ON! If you are worried about the timeline changing  at least make up a lie and tell him you are aliens,, how stupid Kirk. Well now Kirk and crew must retrieve any evidence of their being there to prevent the future from changing. They also find that they have to let the fighter pilot, Captain Christopher, go home because he has a kid who becomes someone of note in the future. Blunder upon blunder happen until the Enterprise finally fixes everything and can leave to travel home by reversing the phenomenon that brought them to the past. This is the same technique we will see later in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 20 years later. In the end the past is set right and the Enterprise is back where and when it should be.

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