Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Well as today is day 7 it was time for the weekly weigh-in! When I got on the scale I was delighted to see I had dropped 6 POUNDS!!!! I have been doing a good job this week of eating less but also eating more fresh foods and fewer boxed or prepared foods! I’m also increasing my water intake and limiting the amount of caffeine in my system. For those of you who know me you will understand the challenge! I have a serious Diet Coke addiction and have gotten into the habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. So the new rule is one cup of coffee per day and no more than one diet coke.

Today’s Work Out:
2.25 Miles and 305 calories burned

What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Good question… In this episode the answer happens to be computer circuits. We have our first of many Android stories from this series. I’m not sure why but the writers of this show seemed to be almost obsessed with androids! In the episode Kirk and crew make a trip to a distant planet to investigate a scientist who has gone missing. The scientist happens to be Nurse Chapel’s former fiancĂ©. This plot point doesn’t tie into the concept of the show too much to be honest but adds some conflict towards the end. The scientist in question has found an ancient civilization of androids and wants to bring these human looking androids to a planet to start a new society. The Doctor makes a copy of Kirk to help get the whole group off the planet but Spock becomes aware of Kirk’s peculiar actions and beams down to intervene. Kirk saves the day by confusing one of the servant androids and attempting to seduce the other one. In the end we find out that the Doctor is an android and he commits suicide when he is discovered…. Or would it be “androidicide”? There is also a lot of oddly sexual human/android and android/android sexual content in this episode. In the end all is well and the Enterprise is off to the next adventure.

Of note this is the first episode featuring the “red shirt guy death”. As the original series is famous for very early on in the show a random guy wearing a Red Uniform is killed in some outlandish manner. In this episode he is thrown from a rock ledge by the giant android. If I were a guy in Starfleet I would make the conscious choice to avoid having a Red Uniform. Again, how does Starfleet continue to recruit people if death is nearly assured for 1/3 of the officers? 

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  1. So true! If wearing a red shirt doesn't get you the exploding console will!