Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Menagerie, Part 2

Today was my last day of the Applied Behavior Analysis portion of the Autism Certificate program I am taking this summer! This class was a challenge and made my mind think about behavior in ways that I never have before but in the end I’m really glad to have taken this class. As sickening as it may sound I am really looking forward to the school year starting because of all the new information I have obtained this summer.

Today’s Work Out-
Treadmill- 2.13 miles and 263 calories burned!

The Menagerie, Part 2
So today’s episode is a continuation of the previous episode. Spock’s court martial continues with Kirk and Commodore Mendez becoming even more agitated with the evidence being presented. We find that once Captain Pike was kidnapped on Talos IV that he was experimented on by the Talosians. They wanted to test his capacity to be trained by reward and punishment by using a variety of his past experiences and future hopes and dreams. We come to find out that the Talosians are looking to breed an army of human slaves to work on the planet which was ravaged by a war hundreds of thousands of years ago. Captain Pike captures one of the Talosians and escapes to the planet’s surface. The Talosians release the captain and the Enterprise warps out of orbit.

Back in the Court Martial it is revealed that the Talosians and Spock planned this whole hijacking from the beginning in order to provide Captain Pike a better life. In the end we see Captain Pike on the surface of the planet with Vina the woman from the past; though now Pike appears to be in fine health. In the end Kirk is irritated with Spock but their friendship continues untarnished and all charges are dropped against Spock.

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