Sunday, July 31, 2011

Court Martial

Woops! Slept on the couch last night with my contacts in. If you are not a contact wearer you don't understand the pain of waking up and peeling your eyelids open and then peeling a dry contact off your eye. The feeling is what I imagine peeling off a layer of your eye would be like. Don't this folks... it hurts. Well once I woke up I lounged around the house and then fell back asleep in my actual bed and woke up at 1:30. I feel like a lazy boy today. But I'm super pumped my sister is coming over tonight for mexican food and a movie!

Today's Workout:
Treadmill- 2.29 miles and 305 calories

Court Martial
A crew member has died in a freak accident during an ion storm. No clue what an ion storm is but I'm sure it is not good. While giving his statement about the accident Kirk claims the death happened because he jettisoned an observation pod during a red alert. The computer says it was jettisoned during a yellow alert and that Kirk did not warn Lt. Finney to exit the pod before it was released. Kirk knows his version of the truth as does the rest of the Enterprise bridge crew but Starfleet trusts the computer's account. During the trial Kirk remains steadfast to his version of the truth. During the trial Spock begins to review the data from the computer and finds some peculiar evidence. The trial is moved to the Enterprise to get "testimony" from the computer. When the ship is cleared of all crew but six we find out that Lt. Finney is still aboard and holds a grudge against Kirk from the past and that he manufactured the computer records to frame Kirk. All works out in the end and the Enterprise is off to its next adventure.

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