Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Corbomite Maneuver

Yesterday I went to see 9 to5: The Musical with my family at the Ordway. It was really funny and enjoyable with good performances by a strong cast.  Was it the greatest play I’ve ever seen? No, but I had fun and that is what theatre is about sometimes.

OMG was it hot today! The weather in Minnesota sometimes is just mindbogglingly frustrating and makes me want to move elsewhere. Today was also the annual ‘Olson Family Christmas Party’ where all the Olson’s I’m related to gather to eat, drink and laugh. Once upon a time this gathering was held at Christmas time but for as long as I can remember it has been Christmas in July. Thankfully the party was held at a family member’s large house. I’m not sure I would have gone had it been outside as I am always afraid of melting like a ice cream cone in this heat.

Today’s Work Out:
Treadmill- 2.25 miles and 254 calories

The Corbomite Maneuver
The Enterprise is on a routine star system mapping mission when they encounter a strange object that looks like a gigantic Rubix Cube. The cube will not let the Enterprise pass the tension on board begins to increase among the crew, especially for a young Lieutenant named Bailey. The Enterprise takes action and the cube is destroyed. Soon after a large ship that looks like a blinking Tennis Ball shows up and threatens to destroy the Enterprise in ten minutes. Through a stroke of genius Kirk pulls a large bluff and tells a lie about a device called Corbomite that will not only destroy the Enterprise but the enemy ship too. The ship sends out a small shuttle and begins to tow the Enterprise to its home world. It is about this time that Bailey has huge mental breakdown and is removed from his post. Kirk and crew again break free from the shuttle and are invited to beam aboard the ship to help out. The entire incident is revealed to be a test to determine the Enterprise’s intentions. The captain of the ship appears to be a child but is an old man on his planet. He is looking for company and Lieutenant Bailey volunteers to stay on board and leave the Enterprise.  The Enterprise then heads off the next adventure.

The child captain in this episode is played by Clint Howard, the brother of actor/director Ron Howard. This man has played several small roles in movies such as Austin Powers, That Thing You Do, Apollo 13, Backdraft, and about a million others. He is slightly odd looking (to put it nicely) and this episode reveals it is not a result of age…Clint was an ODD looking young kid, YIKES.

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