Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Naked Time

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You GOD for Air Conditioning. My house is a cool and wonderful 70 degrees right now and I know for a fact it is not outside. I love me some Minnesota for about 9 months of the year. We are currently in the middle of the three months I dislike the most. So again, Thank You God for Air Conditioning.

It has been another lazy day around my house. I have cleaned a little, done a little laundry, and worked out of course. I also recently purchased the first six Star Trek movies on Blu Ray and it was well worth the price. These movies look fantastic on my big TV with Blu Ray. I’m currently on Star Trek V… What a dog of a movie, but we’ll talk about that later.

Today’s Workout:
Treadmill- 2.54 miles   218 calories burned

A question for anyone in the know… how accurate are the mile and calorie counters on treadmills?

The Naked Time
No.. No one gets fully naked during this episode but it does continue the trend thus far of at least partial nudity among the male cast members. In this episode the Enterprise has been sent to pick up a group of scientists from a dying planet and to observe the planets destruction. The people are found dead on the planet after they have seemingly all gone mad. Spock and another crew member beam down to survey the damage. They are wearing what appear to be Haz-Mat suits made out of an old shower curtain or table cloth. The random officer takes off his glove like a jackass and brings back the infection that killed the scientists on the planet below. One by one the crew of the enterprise begin going crazy and someone shuts off the engines. The Enterprise then begins to spiral towards the planet, now Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy have 20 minutes to save the ship and find a cure… amazingly they do it!

In the episode Sulu strips off half his uniform and starts swashbuckling down the halls like he is one of the musketeers or something. In fact later Spock flippantly says “someone get D’Artagnan off the floor”. I wonder if this was written in the script or adlibbed, It seems a bit out of character for Spock but did make me laugh out loud. We also find out the Nurse Chapel loves Spock and we see Spock show emotion for the first time.


  1. I have found that you can slow the treadmill down and put up the incline for an easier, yet more strenuous workout. I had the incline jacked up to 10 when I visited GA in April and I felt like my hind end was going to fall off... in an almost pleasant way.

  2. Milage counters are very accurate for a treadmill. However, calorie counts depend much more on the individual's metabolism, BMI, etc... Even if the machine has all that information added, I don't trust them. The only good thing about a calorie counter is that they indicate approximately how much you worked out so as long as you work out on the same machine all the time you'll know how you did. If you really want to know calorie count you should get a "bodybug" or "Polaris" body monitor.