Monday, July 25, 2011

The Galileo Seven

What a difference a workout makes! Today I started off bright and cheery and then slowly as the day went I began to become slightly moody, despite it being a great day. It was the last day of summer school for me, which means no more working until the end of August! Then I got to hang out with my sister this afternoon. We did some work at her farm and then went to dinner. I finally went to Dickey’s, a restaurant whose name has been a long standing in-joke among my theatre friends. Then we went to see Bridesmaids and it was just as funny the second time! But after my workout today I feel energized and once again at peace! YEAH

Today’s Workout-
Treadmill: 2.08miles and 275 calories

The Galileo Seven
The Enterprise is on its way to deliver a supply of emergency medical supplies to the New Paris colony. To make sure the delivery takes place Starfleet has assigned a special agent to oversee the transfer, for the sake of this summary let’s just call him Commodore TightWad. Before the rendezvous the Enterprise is exploring a rare space phenomenon. The shuttlecraft Galileo goes out to explore but gets caught up in a damaging wave and crash lands on a planet in the center of the phenomenon. The Enterprise must now engage in a desperate search to find the Galileo and the seven officers stranded on the planet’s surface. Due to the phenomenon though the Enterprises systems are not working properly and must rely on visual scanning methods. On the surface Spock is in charge and several officers are finding it difficult to deal with his Logic Only Approach to command. The stranded crew finds the planet to be inhabited by hostile ape-like giants.. YEAH! Two crew members are killed and the Spock’s plans practically backfire because he does not take emotion and irrational actions into command. In the end Spock uses a bit of desperation to gain the Enterprise’s attention and saves the remaining 5 crew members in the nick of time.

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