Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shore Leave

I would like to find a work out video or join a gym that has the ‘Captain America Workout’ if there is such a thing. I am not a comic book reader and never really have been but I do really enjoy the recent string of comic book movies that have been coming out. Today I went to Captain America with a friend and really enjoyed it. The guy playing Captain America buffed up big time for the movie and it was really quite impressive. Good inspiration to keep working out as well, in addition to seeing the scale read out a smaller number on a consistent basis! I am really starting to look forward to my daily workouts and genuinely feel like a schmuck when I miss a day. Usually feeling like a schmuck is a bad thing but not in this case.

Today’s Workout-
Treadmill- 1.97 miles and 237 calories

Shore Leave
Space travel and exploration is tiring! And the crew of the Enterprise is exhausted and in need of shore leave. The crew is doing a preliminary study on an uninhabited planet that appears to be the perfect place for some rest and relaxation. McCoy and Sulu are surveying and having a discussion in which the topic of Alice in Wonderland comes up, a mere minute or two later McCoy sees a giant talking rabbit. Kirk and a small landing party beam down to the surface to investigate before shore leave is approved. Each member of the landing party are confronted with people or items from their dreams and fantasies.

Kirk is confronted by a fellow Starfleet Academy student who bullied him to no end, he also is runs into an old flame whom he hasn’t seen in years. Sulu finds an antique pistol and is attacked by a samurai warrior. McCoy and the yeomen develop a bit of a romance and have some medieval fun. The yeoman finds a dress fit for a Lady and McCoy is assaulted by a Knight on horseback. Other members are attacked by tigers and even WW2 style fighter jets.

In the end we find out that this planet is a playground of sorts for a far superior race of aliens. The strange occurrences are created by a massive energy system below the surface that is connected to a number of scanners that read the thoughts of the people on the planet. Odd but it makes for a light and fun episode.

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