Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dagger of the Mind

So Yesterday I went to see the final Harry Potter movie and it was fantastic! It is like when a favorite TV show ends you find yourself saying “what is there to look forward to now?” Not to imply that the end of a movie series or TV series means the end of life on Earth. Simply what I mean is that we find ourselves so invested in the lives of these fictional characters and they become part of our live that when it ends it is like a death. I distinctly remember when Will & Grace ended because that signaled the end of a 8 year routine of watching that show each week. Isn’t it also strange that we can care so much about these fictional characters but when it comes to knowing our neighbors some of us are clueless.

Today’s Work Out-
Treadmill: 2.8 miles and 315 calories
Today I used the ‘fat blast’ preset program on my treadmill and found it to a tougher workout that increased the incline while increasing the pace as well. I will have to continue to experiment with these settings in the future.

Dagger Of The Mind
The Enterprise visits a penal colony to make a routine shipment of supplies but one of the inmates sneaks onto the Enterprise and sends everyone into a panic. There is something odd about the prisoner and Dr. McCoy insists that there be an investigation of the prison planet, which Kirk is obligated to perform. In visiting the prison there is something strange and lifeless about the inmates who wonder the halls unguarded. Kirk and his assistant Dr. Noel (who Kirk at some kind of one-night-stand with earlier in the year) find a “brain neutralizer” device that the warden is using to alter his patients minds and program them not to be criminals. The warden is a respected doctor but his principals look a little bit more like radical scientific experiments on prisoners. While Kirk is investigating the device he is found and the warden begins to experiment on Kirk and erase his memory of the device. Meanwhile on the Enterprise, McCoy encourages Spock to do a Mind Meld to see what happened to the prisoner from the planet. All is revealed and Spock and crew beam down in time to save the Captain.

This is the first appearance of the Vulcan Mind Meld which became a trademark for Spock throughout the series. I believe this was used as a time saving device to avoid doing a lengthy interrogation scene. With the Mind Meld Spock could get the information in minutes and explain it quickly later which would leave time for other action to take place in the story. 

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