Monday, July 11, 2011

The Enemy Within

Today I was back at work after some time off because of the 4th of July. The little kiddos asked where I was last week because they saw a different teacher one a make-up day of class. One eve gave me a drawing she made... I am calling it "Scribbles on Scratch Paper" and I'm shopping it around to the local galleries! Currently though it is on my fridge. There is no better attitude booster than working with 2-5 year olds. Every summer I remember how much I do enjoy working with these kiddos!

Today's Workout:
Treadmill- 2.3miles and 280 calories burned!
(I took the advice of a comment and upped the incline in my treadmill!)

The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within is a new take on the tale of Jekyll and Hyde. In this episode a freak transporter malfunction splits Captain Kirk into two halves, a good half and an evil half. The good half embodies the characteristics of love, compassion, and wisdom. The evil half conversely represents lust, rage, aggression, and hatred. It is a unique dichotomy to see Kirk play out both characters and how he truly can’t function as a person without both halves. Kirk is forced to see himself and he is not happy with the negative side, but who would be right? In the meantime there is a group of four men trapped on the planet below and the temperature is starting to drop drastically. With the transporter malfunction they are stranded. This is obviously before the creators of the show added a shuttlecraft to the show. If there was a shuttle let’s be honest this whole show’s secondary conflict wouldn’t be an issue.  Oh and for some reason there is a dog with the crew on the planet. The dog is obviously a cocker spaniel that has had a horn, antennae and a large rat’s tail added to it so it looks like some kind of alien. In the end Kirk and Kirk are brought back together and the Enterprise is off to the next adventure.

This episode is hillarious to watch because if you thought that William Shatner was over acting normally  this performance has been cranked up a few more notches. It reminds me of the scene in "This is Spinal Tap" where the band members brag about having speakers that go to 11. Evil Kirk frequently screams and makes a spectacle which culminates in a final plea where he shouts "I wanna live" about 5 times. There is a drinking game in this episode, I just haven't figured out the rules yet.

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