Monday, January 28, 2013


I feel like I am in the middle of a hazard zone at this very moment. Everyone and I mean everyone in my life is sick with some form of the flu or other ailment. At school there are numerous students out sick and so are several of my friends and colleagues. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I am the carrier, like a Typhoid Mary of the present day. I have been sanitizing my hands and the surfaces in my environment, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep and fluids I have even considered prayer as a viable option.

O’Brien is traveling alone in a runabout heading towards the Gama Quadrant and begins a personal log detailing how everything on the station has turned upside down. He is apparently on a mission to warn the Parada’s about something, though he is unsure what of. O’Brien has spent the last week with the Paradans learning about them and helping to prepare for a series of peace talks. O’Brien believes that things on the station were odd the moment he returned to the station with his wife and daughter acting bizarrely along with Sisko, Kira, Jake, and Bashir. Everyone seems to be keeping O’Brien away from the preparations for the Paradan negotiations and he is getting just a little mad about it and does some investigations. He discovers that he has been locked out of the security systems and so he decides it is time to head back to the Parada System to warn the government. While he is escaping the senior staff does their best to capture him but he gets away and once everyone gets to Parada IV a major secret is revealed. Apparently O’Brien was a clone of the real O’Brien who had been captured by the Paradan government. It turns out that they had intended to use him as a weapon against the peace negotiations. In the end the fake O’Brien is dead and the real O’Brien is returned to normal duty on the station. 

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