Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Good god does it have to be this fucking cold outside? I only ask because this year more than other years I am freezing all the damn time, and honestly I’m sick of it. I have two friends who are planning on moving out of state this year to warmer destinations and I’m really jealous of them both until I realize that I do love it here in Minnesota. I guess what I am more jealous of is the fact that there lives seem to be moving on in fun and exciting ways and mine seems to be in a bit of a stand still mode right now. I know that I have a lot of good things going for me at the moment and I am quite happy with life most of the time but I feel as though I’m missing some of the adventure. Maybe this is just part of being 30 now but I’m not sure I’m ok with that feeling either. As for right now I am on the hunt for some type of change or interesting mix up to my life. If any of you have any ideas of what could change life you let me know OK?

Odo puts an El-Aurian named Martus in the brig for trying to scam an old woman out of her money. In the jail Martus meets a strange alien with a gambling toy but he dies after explaining his string of bad luck with the device. Martus takes the device and gets out of jail soon after and takes up with a Bajoran woman to open a bar right across from Quark’s. The two become rivals for profit and employees, even Rom defects to Martus’ place for higher profit.

Meanwhile O’Brien has built a racquetball court and can’t wait to play until he finds out that Bashir wants to play as well. Of course Bashir is an excellent player and proceeds to Kick his ass on the court multiple times. In an attempt to boost his customer base Quark arranges a match between O’Brien and Bashir and even though both men are not interested they go ahead with the match.

While all of this is happening cases of good and bad luck are popping up all over the station and Sisko, Kira and Dax start taking notice of the strange occurrences. They eventually link everything to the large gambling devices in Martus’ bar, which mess with neutrino patterns, or something like that. In the end all is returned to normal and Martus is put in jail. 

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