Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Siege

So here is the second episode that I did today. I worked out for a total of 90 minutes straight and went at a pretty good clip the entire time. I am really pretty proud of myself.

The Siege
This story has two major stories so I will go through them as such. One note is that in the last post I failed to mention that Kira had an orb visit in which she and Dax were wearing the costumes of a Bajoran Nun, Kira was speaking in the minister of chambers and she was naked with Vedek Bariel.

Deep Space Nine
The station is being evacuated but Li, Sisko, Bashir, O’Brien, Quark, Odo, and a few others have remained on board to slow the progress of the takeover. They are hoping to delay the take over long enough to get the evidence of Cardassian involvement to the chamber of ministers on Bajor. The remaining Starfleet officers use sabotage, trickery, and even a few phaser fights to take over the station. In the end Sisko uses Li Nalas to persuade General Krim to stop the attack and support the provisional government. As the General is giving up the station an hot headed Colonel decides to shoot Li Nalas and he dies.

Dax and Kira
Kira and Dax are dropped off on a Bajoran moon to use an old stunt fighter to get information to the chamber of ministers. The ship is extremely old but it is able to fly, kind of, and they are on their way to Bajor. The two are attacked and crash land on Bajor but Kira is badly hurt, but luckily they are picked up by Bariel’s monks and brought to the monastery. Kira and Dax sneak in as Nuns and present the information to the ministers and Jaro is stopped partially because Winn betrays him to save her position as Vedek and the possible next Kai. 

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