Monday, January 7, 2013


I slept for ten hours last night and it was incredible to say the least! I don’t see why I don’t force myself to sleep like that more often? I would totally feel better about everything if I did if I were to get ten or more hours of sleep. I would also like to report that I did not snack or nibble on anything other than the food I intended to eat today and I am happy to report that I ended the day at a lower weight than I began so whoop whoop! I am also very sad to report that there is nothing of interest happening in my life at the moment which leads to a quite boring blog. Sorry Folks!

Elliptical Machine: Miles- 3.96, Calories- 646

While having lunch on the promenade with Bashir, Garak is attacked by an adolescent Cardassian boy in the care of a Bajoran man. Garak is fine but the boy becomes the center of a political nightmare between the Cardassians and Bajorans. It appears that after the Cardassians left Bajor several hundred children were left behind and the Bajorans had no choice but to take care of these children. The young man in question Rugal was adopted by a Bajoran family but has been raised to hate Cardassians and who he is, a note that gets back to the Cardassian home world quite quickly. This leads to an unpleasant conversation between Gul Dukat, Sisko and Bashir in which Bashir accuses Dukat of political maneuvering. Bashir begins investigating and hears of abuse on the part of Bajoran parents of Cardassian children and thus Rugal is taken into custody and a hearing is set up on the station. Low and behold Dukat finds the father of Rugal, still alive on Cardassia and he just happens to be a high ranking political official. Garak enlists Bashir’s help once more and the pair travel to Bajor to visit an orphanage. They discover a list of names and Rugals is mysteriously missing from the list. Further research shows that Rugal was brought to the orphanage by a Cardassian woman who worked on Terok Nor (DS9’s former name). Meanwhile Rugals father Kotan Pa’Dar arrives to take Rugal home to Cardassia but he doesn’t want to. During the hearing between Rugal’s Bajoran parent and Pa’Dar Bashir enters with the evidence of Rugals adoption and Dukat is exposed for his political meddling and leaves the station behind. It seems that Pa’Dar and Dukat are political rivals and this was done as a way to humiliate Pa’Dar in the future if needs be. In the end Rugal is returned to his Cardassian father and taken home to Cardassia. The question of the remaining orphans on Bajors seems to be left unanswered. 

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