Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rules of Acquisition

The Golden Globes are on as I am watching this and I am loving pretty much every minute of it! The hosts are incredible, the winners are being gracious and the show is moving along very nicely. Watching these shows it does make me think about what people in other countries think of the decadence of the American society. When you think of it there is a ton of money in that room from the gowns, to the jewels to the statues themselves.

A pleasant surprise was Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMile award for lifetime achievement. A star who has been known to be gay finally came out publicly. The best part of the speech was that she acknowledged that it shouldn’t be anyone’s business and who really cares what someone does in their own private life. I could not agree more! It seems so often that we try to figure out people and we want to categorize them into different boxes and we are not happy until we have fully classified that person. Why? I don’t get this at all and I am sure that I do it though I try not to these days. I will say that I feel this pressure though. As a man who is single and in now in his 30’s people want to figure out why I am single and they seem to need to have me paired up with someone or at least know what the gender of that person may potentially be. Is it not just enough that we know a person and share friendship or do we have to compartmentalize people? This all being said though I think Jodie Foster is a bit crazy based up on her delivery of the speech! But You Go Girl!!

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 500, Miles- 2.85

Rules of Acquisition
The Nagus shows up once again to present a deal to Quark for an expansion into the Gamma quadrant. Quark is to make a connection to a race called the Dosi, who have Tulaberry Wine that the Ferengi want. The Ferengi wish to distribute the wine in the Gamma quadrant to make their business presence know. Meanwhile Quark has made quite a good partnership with a new bartender named Pel. The two work together to set up and negotiate the deal with the Dosi. During a Tongo game Dax figures out that Pel is in love with Quark but then Pel reveals that he is actually a she who has disguised herself as a man so that she can make something of her life. On the Ferengi homeworld women are not allowed outside of the house, to wear clothing or to gain profit. While on a mission in the Gamma quadrant she kisses Quark but the real truth is not told quite yet. Back on the station Rom is suspicious and does some sneaking around and finds out about Pel’s secret. Meanwhile Quark finds out that all the Nagus wants is more information on an organization known as the dominion. In the end Pel confronts Quark and the Nagus with the truth and she is told to go away quietly and she will not be taken into custody. The ending is bittersweet as it is evident that Quark really loves Pel.

This is essentially the movie Yentl but with Star Trek elements thrown into the mix and the result is a very touching episode dealing with gender roles in the 24th century. This is also the first time we hear about the Dominion, a theme that will impact the rest of the show’s run. 

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