Sunday, January 6, 2013

Invasive Procedures

Cross Country skiing was a total success yesterday and I honestly can’t wait to go again. My ass and legs are a little sore but it is totally worth the pain. I am also very proud of myself because I only fell down once on sketchy terrain so I am much better suited to Cross Country Skiing than I am to Downhill Skiing. I finally have an excuse to call winter my favorite season other than enjoying large bulky sweaters.

Elliptical Machine: Miles- 3.75, Calories: 608

Invasive Procedures
The station has been evacuated due to an electrical storm in space that has engulfed that station. The only people left on board are Bashir, Odo, Sisko, Kira, O’Brien and Quark. The only reason Quark is still on board is because he couldn’t take all of his latinum with him, or so he wants everyone to believe. Odo and O’Brien find him in an airlock but what goes unnoticed is the device he has planted in the security systems. Soon a ship has come claiming that they need help but once on board the crew of a female, two klingons and a trill take over the station. Once they make it to Ops their intention is made clear, the trill wishes to steal the Dax symbiont. Verad, the trill, explains that he was denied a shot at the joining and feels this is his only way to get what he wants. The plan is to steal the symbiont, make Bashir implant it and then Verad and company are going to be off to the Gamma Quadrant to hide. Dax agrees to the surgery to save everyone else’s lives and soon Verad is back in Ops as Verad Dax and his dear female friend/lover Mareel begins to see some unwelcome changes in his behavior. In the infirmary Bashir is trying to keep Dax alive so that they can get the symbiont back into the right place. In Ops Quark attacks one of the klingons and gets himself sent to the Infirmary there he and Bashir work to overthrow the other klingon and then free Odo from the lockbox he was put into. Sisko is now trying to convince Mareel that Verad has changed and she eventually realizes it and gives Sisko permission to go get him. In the end the symbiont is put back in the correct place and Dax lives to see another day.

The episode features a guest appearance by Tim Russ who went on to play Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager. It seems that there is always at least one guest actor form a series that goes onto the next show in some form or another. Also it features a strong performance from John Glover as the pitiful Verad, he is most famous for a few guest starring roles as a villain in several shows and for playing Lex Luthor’s father on Smallville. 

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