Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!!!!

Elliptical: 635 calories, 3.97miles

A damaged vessel has come through the wormhole and the people on board have a very complicated language that the universal translator is not able to translate. Initially the crew must work together to help get them around the station and develop an understanding. The female is drawn to Kira and ignores the male staff members completely. Once the translator kicks in she reveals herself to be a woman named Haneek of the Skrreeaa a group of people who have been looking for their new promised land on the other side of the “eye of the galaxy”. Haneek tells Kira that there are at least 3 million more Skrreeaa due to arrive once they are notified of the new place. Sisko and Dax start to look for a place to settle these new inhabitants of the alpha quadrant. Haneek being the smart woman she is determines that the Skrreeaa should settle on Bajor to help them recover from the Cardassian occupation. The tensions on the station begin to rise as the Skrreeaan people cause more trouble amongst the station’s normal population. The Bajoran government meets to discuss the Skrreeaan situation but turn down their request to immigrate. Haneek is very mad at this decision and blames Kira. Meanwhile Haneek’s son, Tumak, steals a ship and heads to Bajor. His she ends up being destroyed on accident and this just cements the Skrreean’s ned to find a different home. There is a bitter departure between Haneek and Kira.

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