Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I would like to take a ride in the Tardis to maybe a few hours ago so that I can redo this evening that I wasted just hanging around doing nothing. What I should have done was write this blog about two hours ago and gone to bed but I didn't do that so I really can’t complain can I? Oh and for those of you who noticed my Dr. Who reference well done! I have really fallen in love with this TV show and so I tried the other day to watch one of the older episodes from the 60’s and they were painful to get through so I gave up after a few minutes of one episode. I then tried to watch an episode from the 80’s and that wasn't bad but it still wasn't that good either so I have decided to stick to the new episodes from the rebooted series.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 644, Miles- 3.94

The station is about to play host to Ensign Melora Pazlar, a woman from a low gravity planet and there for she needs special accommodations on the station. Melora needs a chair to help her get around and when she is not in a chair she is in a rigged apparatus to help her move in the extreme gravity of the station. Everyone is very helpful and willing to work with her but the only problem is that she is a total bitch to everyone in sight. Bashir sees right through it and confronts her about her attitude and how she uses is to keep people away. Bashir begins to form a relationship with this woman and the pair start to discuss helping her remap her brain so that she can function normally outside of her world. The two find some level of success with the program though it is short lived. Meanwhile an old friend of Quark’s returns to kill him after Quark landed him in jail. Instead of killing him Quark offers him a business deal so he takes it but in the process he kidnaps Quark, Melora, and Dax in a runabout. The criminal is outsmarted by Melora who uses her low gravity roots to overcome the criminal. In the end Melora decides not to go through the procedure and remains chair bound. 

The Individuals With Disabilities Act Meets Star Trek Deep Space Nine and it is a touching and well done episode. Bravo!! The actress playing Melora is the only person to have leading appearances in both Dr. Who and Star Trek so well done!

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