Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Circle

Today was the first day back to school and it zoomed by at a million miles per hour! I think part of what helped is that I was busy making sure that my new student intern was getting enough information and felt prepared for the next ten weeks. I am so looking forward to having an intern but it is also a little nerve wracking to be in charge of someone else who is a student in your profession. It is a lot of responsibility. Oh well I am confident it will be a wonderful experience for both of us. In other news there really isn’t any new news in my world and 2013 has really gotten off to a very grand start so I’m happy. A fun note is that tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Incredibly enough I can remember when the show premiered and I was a giddy little 10 year-old. I am very glad that I am re-watching it now because well the themes and ideas of this show in particular are well beyond the grasp of a 10 year old boy.

Elliptical Machine: Miles-7.95, Calories- well over 1,200

Today I elected to finish the three-part story arch of The Homecoming, The Circle and The Siege, so I worked out for two whole episodes.

The Circle
With Kira on the outs everyone has stopped by to wish the Major well as she moves on to a new position on Bajor. During an impromptu party Vedek Bariel stops by to invite her to relax and study at his monastery on Bajor. Li Nalas has now taken his place as the first officer on board Deep Space Nine and he begins to help Sisko investigate the Circle organization. It has come into focus that the Cardassians are behind the weapons suppliers for the Circle though the Bajorans don’t know this fact. Minister Jaro and Vedek Winn have made a deal for her public support of him in exchange for him decreeing her to be the next Kai. Quark informs Odo that the Kressari are transporting weapons for the Cardassians and so Odo sneaks on board the ship to get hard proof. At the same time Sisko goes to Bajor to get a read on the situation and he is convinced that the military does not support the provisional government and so Sisko visits Kira to update her on the situation. Kira is soon abducted by the Circle where it is the officially revealed that Jaro is the Circle and he intends to throw over the government in a gigantic military coup. A group leaves to rescue Kira and they are of course successful. The Circle sends a message to Deep Space Nine that they have 7 hours to empty the station or else. Starfleet sends a verdict to evacuate the station. Sisko reluctantly orders the evacuation but decides that he and a select group of Starfleet officers will remain behind. 

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