Friday, January 25, 2013

The Alternate

The long week has come to an end and all I can say is that it has been the longest short week ever! I have had a busy work week, a night of broom ball, an eye exam, lots of yearbook work and a night at home with a friend. Also in the mix is has been a good week for working out but I continue to struggle with getting my weight back below 200 pounds. I am confident that I can get there again and am determined to make it happen.

Elliptical: Calories- 667, Miles- 4.10

The Alternate
Dr. Mora Pol has arrived on the station to pay Odo a quick visit and get the use of a runabout. Dr. Mora is the man who studied and looked after Odo when he was first discovered on Bajor years before. The two departed on very bad terms but Odo still feels an attachment to Dr. Mora and goes along with his request. Dr. Mora reveals that he may have found a metamorphic lifeform on a planet in the gamma quadrant. On the planet the team discovers a life form but are nearly killed when a mysterious gas starts leaking out of the surface. Once back to the station Dax , Dr. Mora and the other Bajoran scientist are out so O’Brien starts to analyze the new lifeform but soon afterwards the lifeform becomes larger and escapes from containment. It is later found apparently dead but strange incidents and attacks continue to happen. Through a great creative detective process Mora and Odo discover that it must be Odo responsible for the attacks and that the gas on the planet has impacted him somehow. When things get worse Odi is drawn out the alien lifeform that is really Odo attacks and is defeated just in time to save odo and then Odo and Mora decide to attempt to be in part of each other’s lives in some way or another. 

With the way certain shots are filmed and the nature of the story this is very similar in structure to Alien 3. Just watch the two and you will see some similarities. 

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