Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Homecoming

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I had an absolute blast last night with my friends in St. Cloud Minnesota bringing in the New Year. Part of the night was spent at my friend’s house and the rest of the evening spent at the local drinking establishments in downtown St. Cloud. There is a gay bar in St. Cloud so naturally we stopped there and did the whole countdown business there before leaving. Not to sound judgmental but the gay bar in St. Cloud is a bit lame and there was a really nasty smell in the place. After that a trip to The Red Carpet brought dancing and drinking in the “Red Room” my absolute favorite bar room ever! The room is dark and done in all red colors and the music is anything from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; country music to classic rock, pop, dance, and hair band metal. The drink of the evening was a Vodka Cranberry and it was flowing freely but thank god I woke up this morning hangover free. After getting home I worked out to get rid of those extra holiday pounds that have accumulated.  As I said I am making only one resolution this year and that is ‘To be open to whatever the universe brings my way’ but of course I may have to help the universe bring some things my way too!

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 654, Miles- 4.01

The Homecoming
Kira is given a special earring from Quark who received it from sexy purple-haired freighter captain. The earring belongs to a Bajoran hero named Li Nalas who was believed to be dead for the last ten years. It turns out he is living in a Cardassian labor camp on Cardassia IV. After a long and drawn out period of thinking Sisko agrees to let Kira take a runabout to rescue Li Nalas but demands that O’Brien go with her to help out in the recovery. Kira and O’Brien mount a successful rescue and they return safely to DS9 but are short a few men short as some had to stay behind. Sisko and Kira are hopeful that Li Nalas’ presence will help to calm the tensions on Bajor, most importantly they hope he will calm the actions of a terrorist group known as the Circle. The Circle have been making threats all over Bajor and have made their way to the station where they are vandalizing and even attack Quark. The Circle’s motto is Bajor for Bajorans and they intend to cleanse the planet of everyone who is not a Bajoran. Li Nalas is torn by what is happening but is pressed by visiting Minster Jaro to come to Bajor to help ease the tensions. Upon his return he informs Sisko that Li Nalas is his new liason officer and that Kira has been recalled to the planet for service. This is where the episode ends with a “To Be Continued” screen.

This episode is the first part of a three story miniseries, a first for the Star Trek franchise. The three part arch is the story of an attempted coup on Bajor from the terrorist group known as the Circle. The three part miniseries features some really good cameo performances including, Frank Langella, Richard Beymer, Louise Fletcher, Stephen Weber, Philip Anglim, and Marc Alaimo. Richard Beymer is most famous for playing Tony in the film version of West Side Story! Tony, Tony, Tony! 

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