Monday, January 21, 2013

Second Sight

Second Sight
Essentially this story is a bit weak so I am not really going to dignify it with a wonderful write up.

Sisko keeps running into this mysterious woman named Fenna and he is really infatuated with her but she is a big mystery. At the same time the station is playing host to the galaxy’s most pompous scientist who plans on reactivating a dead star. We learn that his wife looks just like Fenna. Basically his wife Nidell is a telepath and projects Fenna from her mind when she is stressed. Seyetik, the scientist, says it is because she is stressed out being married to him but she only mates for life so she is stuck. To solve the problem he flies into the new star to release her. In the end she is just find and no one seems to sad that Seyetik is dead but everyone is worried about Sisko’s heartbreak.   

The show does feature a fun performance by Richard Kiley but in general it is a total downer. 

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